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Let’s play “Who does January Jones’ baby resemble?”

@popsugar ran new pics of the son of January Jones and mystery daddy.

Ashton Kutcher?

Jason Sudeikis?

Matthew Vaughn? (aka Claudia Schiffer’s husband who is directed X-Men)

Photo credit: Yui Mok/PA.

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Battle of the Bearded Beanies

Update: Beard product proliferation on Etsy, complete.

In December, I read about in InStyle’s gift guide. I knew I was too late for Christmas but thought one of the kid-sized hats would make a terrific gift for a kiddo I know who is experiencing his first cold winter. I’ll be giving him one of these soon:

Via BurlyBeardCo sent a newsletter recently touting Beardo as the “only bearded beanie.” It’s not true (and I prefer the BurlyBeard style), but as the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

Other options:

I hope Kristen Stewart’s assistant is enjoying Rumspringa

Doesn’t he look like an Amish man called, say, Mose?   

Via KStewartFans

Actually, that sort of beard is worn by married Amish men so Rumspringa isn’t the answer. More like a lost bet. Thanks for the knowledge NatGeo.








I went to Los Angeles

I stayed at an awesome hotel.

I saw Bradley Cooper and Chord Overstreet at SoHo House. Not together. They’d be cute together though, eh? I kid, I kid.

I ate at my favorite casual spot in LA, Loteria Grill. Yep, I had a michelada. OK, two. Gracias to my RL friend @beaker4369 (below on right) for taking me there a few LA trips ago.

Mostly I just worked really. I didn’t get to set foot on the beach even once – my only view of the ocean was as the plane took off for home.

NYC bathrooms. Focus on Boqueria

You don’t need me to describe New York City’s beloved attractions. Even if you have never visited New York City, you have surely seen the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and others depicted on TV or in film, or perhaps on the internet.

But what about real life in the Big Apple? Do you wonder about that?

I’m talking about bathrooms, people. And I find them hilarious (sometimes). Sometimes they’re appalling. Often they’re hard to find unless you’re willing to stand in line at Starbucks.

But worse, NYC bathrooms are often down a long, narrow, steep flight of stairs. Or so tiny you can barely turn yourself around, like on a Greyhound bus. Or both. This can even be true in nice restaurants, which is probably when I find the situation most interesting.

Example 1: Boqueria’s SoHo location (pictured above and below)

I included my hand in the second picture to give you a sense of scale.

Boqueria has two individual restrooms from what I can tell. Both are carved out of an area behind the kitchen. Can you imagine the process of constructing that little nook where the toilet resides?


Ann Curry: Oy Vey

Y’all know how I feel about Ann Curry (blergh) and I adore @nymag so I’m not sure how I missed this bit from January 8 until last week.

My favorite excerpt:

If the show’s audience doesn’t gravitate to Ann Curry soon, could NBC buck its own succession plan, much as it did with Conan and Jay Leno, and have Savannah Guthrie replace Ann? She’s got that girl-next-door quality, and Ann can sometimes come off as disingenuous in interviews. And I don’t see a situation where they could remove Ann and keep her at the network (she wouldn’t be happy staying on as a special correspondent, and she is no longer hosting Dateline). There would be nowhere else for her to go. Unfortunately, that’s the way those things play out.

And this Joel McHale-hosted clip shows the only reason I’m happy Ann was made anchor: so I don’t have to hear her awkwardly transition into the news.

For your entertainment:

  • Google search results for Ann Curry dislike
  • A blog called “I Hate Ann Curry” which hasn’t been updated since 2006. I suspect the blogger’s head exploded from Ann Curry mishaps like this and this.
  • Ew. Not my idea but instead one of Google’s suggested searches.

I previously threatened to switch from the Today Show to Good Morning America, but GMA has its own issues.

If Today doesn’t dump Ann, I’ll have to seriously consider quitting morning TV for NPR. It might help me get to the office on time too.

Should I wear one to work?

Not sure what part I like the best.

The music, which had me swaying…

The flash of braces we see from the sweet star of the video…

The towel-hat craft which will make for a great party trick…

Or maybe it’s the Twilight posters in the background. Probably that. Yeah, I’m a goof.

Help wanted, help needed

I ran an errand this afternoon. The neighborhood is new to me – today was just my second day in the new office.

On my way back from the bank, I spotted this long line of people.


New Yorkers, as a rule, aren’t thrilled to wait in line, so my curiosity was piqued. I wondered if concert tickets were going on-sale, or if a television taping were about to take place.


“What’s this line for?”

A guy nearby said a bit defensively, “this is the end of the line.”

A woman interrupted him saying “no, that’s not what she asked,” before turning to me.

“The hotel is hiring,” pointing to the front of the line.

“The SoHo Grand.”

“I hope it goes well for you.”


I walked back to my office thinking about the length of that line.