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Why has The Bachelor been SO good this season?

If you had told me I would someday call Chris Soules‘ season must-see TV, I would have laughed in your face. I thought “Prince Farming” was more like Prince Snoring.*

But I’m hooked. Here we are in season 19 of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise and amazingly, ratings are way up.

I struggled to identify what has made this season so good. Fortunately Kristin Dos Santos investigated.

E OnlineNice work, everyone. Especially you, Millsy.

*Let’s face it: I watch every season.


How I spent my day

Your favorite blogger* was home sick today. When I wasn’t coughing, sleeping or eating carbs, I was looking at cats on the internet.

I looked at this story about a photographer documenting men who love cats.

Photo by David Williams via MyModernMet

Photo by David Williams via MyModernMet

David’s site features dogs too, cat haters.

This video, though, is even better. Please enjoy.


*OK, maybe not favorite, but hopefully you like me a little

Kicking a bad [American] habit

This terrific essay via The Atlantic reminded me of the moment when I knew I needed to make a change.

It happened in Kenya. Little girl

Almost all of our meals were served buffet-style. Each day, our tent camp put out a spread three times. I found myself taking a little of this, a little more of that and subsequently sampling it all. But when I finished eating, my plate usually still held food. Sometimes as much as one-third of what I had taken from the buffet.

Kenya made me aware of this bad habit. I was so embarrassed by the food I wasted. Now I try to take only what I’ll eat and eat what’s on my plate (within reason–American portions are HUGE).

When I read Tim Walker’s essay about breaking American habits living in Finland, I laughed and cringed simultaneously. #3. Yes.

What’s your bad habit and what forced you to acknowledge it?

If you don’t love dogs, you are the devil

I stepped out of the elevator and was immediately accosted by a lumbering black lab.

“Oh. I guess I’m here on Bring Your Dog to Work Day.” When I sat down to wait for my meeting to begin, the lab took the opportunity to push his snout up my skirt. Continue reading

Odds and Ends

While I’m still recovering from New Year’s Eve – STILL! – here are some tidbits I want to share that don’t fit anywhere else. Enjoy!

Remember when I posted about sabrage? Jason and Amy Storch (aka Amalah, whose blog I love) tried it at home on New Year’s Eve and the results were hilarious.

I spotted this coat in Stone Flower‘s Williamsburg location and it reminded me so much of my Kate Spade Suzette coat, bow and all. This coat doesn’t have the same level of detail, but for $125, it’s a cute option. Continue reading