Twitter Spotlight: Carrie Brown

You lucky buggers are getting a special Tuesday Twitter Spotlight.

@BrizzyC and I started following each other when she was making plans to move to NYC in association with her exciting new job. We talked real estate and such. Now she’s here, launching an exciting new graduate program at CUNY.

Welcome to New York, Carrie Brown. Hope to grab beers with you soon!


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Kicking a bad [American] habit

This terrific essay via The Atlantic reminded me of the moment when I knew I needed to make a change.

It happened in Kenya. Little girl

Almost all of our meals were served buffet-style. Each day, our tent camp put out a spread three times. I found myself taking a little of this, a little more of that and subsequently sampling it all. But when I finished eating, my plate usually still held food. Sometimes as much as one-third of what I had taken from the buffet.

Kenya made me aware of this bad habit. I was so embarrassed by the food I wasted. Now I try to take only what I’ll eat and eat what’s on my plate (within reason–American portions are HUGE).

When I read Tim Walker’s essay about breaking American habits living in Finland, I laughed and cringed simultaneously. #3. Yes.

What’s your bad habit and what forced you to acknowledge it?

Twitter Spotlight: Lizz Winstead

I still can’t believe she said yes. This is all so exciting.

Lizz Winstead, comedian, author of Lizz Free Or Die, co-creator of The Daily Show and co-founder of Lady Parts Justice and contributor at Blue Nation Review is in the Twitter Spotlight.

Lizz Winstead - Brunch with Lizz - May 6, 2012

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Twitter Spotlight: Cherylanne Skolnicki

I just don’t even know how to introduce you to Cherylanne Skolnicki aka @NourishTweets aka Canne, which is how she used to sign her name for short when we were in college together at Cornell.

Although we are both only children from Pennsylvania, Cherylanne and I were awfully different as students. She graduated in just three years whereas I slept through almost as many classes as I attended. She cooked amazing, grown-up style meals; I threw together the same one-pot pasta on the nights when I couldn’t talk my roommates into ordering pizza.

But years later, here we are: still friends. I like and admire this smart, kind entrepreneur, wife and mother 100x more than I did back in college (and I already thought the world of her).

Time for you to get to know the brains behind @NourishTweets.

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