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This is why I don’t watch TV around my parents

Thanks for the laugh HBO! (this one is kind of NSFW)

I love Girls but it’s numero uno on the list of shows Never To Watch Around My Parents.

There are more spots here. h/t to @JarCardoza and @Candacearm.

Twitter Spotlight: Erin Sharoni

I met Erin Sharoni in person before I followed her on Twitter. And let me tell you: I was intimidated. Not only is Erin beautiful, she has her act together.

Erin is an athlete, journalist, television personality, actress, seeker and so much more. But she’s also kind-hearted and giving and compassionate, qualities I cherish in friends.

ErinSharoni Rome on Showtime

@OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@ErinSharoni: Funny, athletic, intellectual, loves to love, empathic, tall (had to throw at least ONE superficial thing in there, c’mon…) Continue reading