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Things I’d rather do than watch Kris Jenner’s show

It started with a tweet.

And then another.

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There are few phrases I hate more than…

Push present.

If I ever found myself pregnant (and a dude were actually involved), I’d make it oh-so-clear from the point of conception that those words are never to be uttered around me or even about me.

Gifts to commemorate the momentous occasion are fine. I’ll take this. Just don’t ever, ever say push present.

P.S. I hope this cake was a joke.

Twitter Spotlight: Molly Britt

I am intensely grateful to WordPress’s Freshly Pressed for introducing to @Mollytopia because she isn’t actually someone I followed on Twitter. That came later.

Molly’s post that grabbed me (well, the first of many) is about childhood. In her words, she was “raised by drug smugglers, hippies, and circus performers.”


OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@Mollytopia: makes me laugh out loud, will built a fort with me out of couch cushions, and takes my clothes off with his teeth. This position is currently filled.

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This is the bio of a real doctor in NYC

Presented without comment:

Eden Gabrielle Fromberg, DO, is an osteopathic physician, Board Certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology (1999) and Board Certified in Holistic Medicine (2003). Dr. Fromberg has an extensive and diverse background in yoga and women’s healing arts, and is a highly regarded consultant in natural childbirth and holistic women’s health & fertility. Born by natural childbirth in Brooklyn, New York, she was fully breastfed, weaned onto a naturopathic diet, and raised as a third generation vegetarian.

Courtesy of Dr. Fromberg’s web site

Would you? Could you?


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