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Hey @chrisbharrison: a little color please?

When I see this monochromatic man mosaic…

I find myself wishing for more color…

Credit: Glamour Magazine

Maybe not that much color (although you’re great, Hilary)

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If you like my real estate posts…

If you like my real estate posts (and know that I’m not assuming you do), you’ll get a kick out of this:

What $1 million will buy in NYC

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Small, cool spaces. Pick one!


Click here to view all five options including floor plans


How fun is @possessionista’s blog?

Isn’t this cool? It works. Batteries required.

circa 1940 industrial lamp delta navy signal lantern

I think I want this rug

The perfect gift for a certain someone in my life

Selfish husband? What do you think?

NYC: can you get there from here?

I like wedding dresses in colors other than white. Do you?