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Some days you just have to say…


I missed you. Did you miss me?

Hello. I’m back. Did you miss me?

I was in Utah for work for a whole week. While I can’t blog about that, I can tell you that this happened:

Yep, I shot guns. Really big guns. And it was a work-related meeting. Cool, huh?

Then I returned to NYC and saw this with my visiting parents. Dad said “I don’t want it to end” which made me so glad I bought the tickets for all of us.

Finally, my parents came to check out my new apartment and have brunch. It was my father’s first visit to Brooklyn and he seemed to love it. Either that or the restaurant spiked his coffee.

You be the judge.

Mocking Marc Anthony’s clothing line for Kohl’s

I’m so glad a writer dressed her man in Marc Anthony’s clothes so we could laugh about it.

As great as the photos are, I really like this Sarah Miller person’s way with words.

he is once again el rey de bulging ligaments y corazon puro



I don’t have anything witty to add. Just wanted to ensure you had more Marc Anthony in your lives.


The quest for good Indian food in Brooklyn

I shouldn’t complain. But I’m complaining.

While my return to NYC has mostly been Food Heaven, I have not yet found a way to sate my craving for Indian food, my favorite cuisine.

Any regional Indian cuisine would do. Delivery would be ideal, but I’d pick it up here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn within reason.

I tried the best rated Indian restaurant in my hood that delivers (via Yelp). And It Sucked. (For the most part)

Check out what they sent to me as daal:

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