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One seriously cute lil kid + twenty or so Sharpie-drawn tattoos + Halloween = Lil Wayne


Via @peoplemag Twilight cookies…but FANGS?

A bakery in NYC called Eleni’s is selling Twilight cookies in conjunction with the premiere of Breaking Dawn. But there are no fangs in Twilight!

Given that there’s a $65 price tag for fourteen sugar cookies, it’s possible that Eleni’s is an official licensee of Summit’s.

For $65, buyers get:

Vampire Romance

  • 1 motorcycle
  • 1 “Team Jacob shirt”
  • 2 paw prints
  • 1 wolf
  • 1 wedding ring
  • 1 vampire teeth
  • 1 crossroads sign
  • 1 chess piece
  • 1 “Team Edward shirt”
  • 1 Jacob
  • 1 Bella
  • 1 Edward
  • 1 vampire baby (apparently they’re ambivalent about the name Renesmee too)


On the other hand, there’s no official logo cookie and the designs are rather, um, simple so perhaps Summit is already preparing a cease and desist.




Wonderful song, made extraordinary for Breaking Dawn

The great Iron & Wine song “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” used in Twilight’s prom scene is reprised in Breaking Dawn’s wedding scene. I can’t lie: it’s going to make me teary for sure.

The updated version has been transposed into a higher key and features a slower tempo and looser, less structured arrangement. It’s perfect. Thanks Sam Beam & Co!

Why Are People So Obsessed With Ryan Gosling? « Thought Catalog

I love this (via @thoughtcatalog)

Why Are People So Obsessed With Ryan Gosling? « Thought Catalog.

Don’t get me wrong. I think The Gos has SOMEthing, but outside of a few really hot scenes in The Notebook, I get a bit hung up on the way he talks (kind of weird, ok?) and the fact that he’s not one of those actors who look great from any and all angles (that’s his job!).