The wonderful food of New York City

I had thought I might drop a few pounds after returning to NYC.

Walking everywhere! No more car commuting! Subway stairs!

Well, the joke is on me. I do walk a ton, but I forgot how easily accessible NYC’s wonderful food is. Not only is great food on most every corner, lots of it can be delivered right to my door. I can stuff myself silly without changing out of pajamas or taking a shower.

Hmm. Anyway!

Here’s a quick roundup of some of my early favorites, plus some oldies.

If you’re looking for a $100 breakfast for two (without drinks), Norma’s is the spot for you.

Brunch with my visiting parents at Miller’s Tavern in Williamsburg was kind of hilarious.

It has been wonderful to have good Chinese food again – and M Shanghai delivers!

I’m grateful that Pies ‘N’ Thighs is cash only. Otherwise they’d be delivering my dinner 3-4 times weekly. And I’d need bigger pants. [UPDATE: credit cards now accepted]

Also Fatty Cue. And Ella. And Osteria il Paiolo (closed Winter 2014). And Fornino.

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