One day in Brooklyn

I took a nice long walk around my neighborhood Saturday. You should come and visit – there’s much more I want to see.

First thing, I grabbed a bite to eat at Fabiane’s in spite of @cherry_blossomz advice that while the food was good, the service was awful. She was right. Noted. Also, if you visit the web site, prepare yourself for some terrible smooth jazz. I warned you.

If I were paranoid, I’d tell you about how other diners got real knives while mine was plastic. 

Ella is one better choice for brunch in Williamsburg.

I checked out the tennis courts at McCarren Park (in spite of not being able to play tennis – stupid wrist).

I dipped a toe into Greenpoint, Williamsburg’s neighbor to the north. Greenpointers have great handwriting, even with spray paint.

Back in Williamsburg, I didn’t expect to find gold grills mixed in with the jewelry and vintage clothing stands at Artists and Fleas, but my new neighborhood is full of surprises.



I stopped by Smorgasburg which great in spite of strong winds. Hold onto your hats, boys and girls.

There is a large variety of food available. I spotted homemade jams, smoothies, cupcakes, fried anchovies, teriyaki balls, barbecue, ice cream, vegan chocolate, regular chocolate, cheeses, cookies and more.


And the view of Manhattan from the Williamsburg waterfront is cool too.

Smorgasburg is educational too. Did you know that coconut water “makes you sexy”?

I left Smorgasburg eventually and stumbled upon this collection of shops on Bedford. It’s the main drag and yet there are still nooks and crannies to explore.

At 218 Bedford (near N. 5th) there’s the cool Dijitalfix and Spuyten Duyvil Grocery, a beer lover’s paradise among other stores.

Can you tell I’m still ecstatic to be back in NYC? I feel so lucky.

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