Truffles make everything better

It’s white truffle season now, but they’re expensive and I’m cheap (sorta).

(black truffles are more photogenic than white)

Short of contriving a business dinner at one of these NYC restaurants* talking up their truffle offerings, a girl needs to get creative.

I bought some truffle salt at Bedford Cheese Shop. It was $20 but used sparingly, lasts a long time.

Another good choice: cheese with truffles. iGourmet has quite a few varieties (plus the company is based near my hometown!). If Santa is reading, this will be under my Christmas tree come December.

Truffle oil doesn’t [usually] contain actual truffles. Still, it tastes good. If you buy it, go for this, not this or go for some truffle honey.

What’s your favorite way to incorporate truffles?

*In Washington, DC, try Dino for sating your truffle craving. Call ahead for details.

2 thoughts on “Truffles make everything better

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