“I have become a total Kristen Stewart partisan. Like, I support her.”

This post on The Awl about Breaking Dawn had me cracking up when I wasn’t nodding in agreement. A few of my favorite lines:

Mary: It was a super elegant dress. The lace panel in the back with hundreds of covered satin buttons.

Natasha: The lace panel almost down to her flat ass killed me! I want a back that long : (

Mary: It was coccyx cleavage.


Natasha: You know who the hottest person at the wedding was though? CHARLIE SWAN.

Can’t wait to see what these gals say about Part 2 (a whole #$%# year from now).
Other Twilight Saga coverage:
The Harsh Bigotry of Twilight-Haters (via @TimeIdeas)
The Daily Beast talks to Bill Condon and Melissa Rosenberg
Maybe don’t let that guy who used to be in love with you hang out with your daughter (via @ew)

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