The post heading isn’t a joke, or a ploy to get new traffic. This post is really about sex.

Particularly this show at @joespubnyc. I think it’s a show anyway. Maybe “event” would be a better word to describe it.

It’s probably best if I quote from the web site.

Finally, a show designed to help you hook up! Sexual psychologist and music therapist Dr. Alex Schiller brings the hot, the single and the curious together for a night of delirious laughter, awesome music and socio-sensual interaction. Dr. Alex insists that her audience be filled with the sexy and seeking. And she suggests you put your table/seat number, stats and sexual preference in the comments section below.

“Single straight males should sit with single straight females, hot gays with hot gays, older rich men with younger drunk women- Why sit with people you find sexually irrelevant?”
-Dr. Alex

“Singles” mix in the front and “Voyeurs” watch from the back as the provocative and irreverent Dr. Alex dispenses sex advice from her new book, “Get Laid or Die Trying”, sings re-imagined pop songs and brilliant originals, and leads her audience through a wildly entertaining evening.  Willing singles are invited to join Dr. Alex on stage for free champagne and an assisted speed-dating session.  The night continues at an exclusive after-party and the secret location is announced at curtain call.

Only sit it the “Singles” section if you are single and willing to mingle.

Dr. Alex can tell the difference.

 If you’re interested in participating in a live, on-stage date at the show, or would like to share your opinions on dating/sex (anonymous letters welcome) with the audience, please send your request

Would you go? Maybe I should.

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