Homemaking. Or I finally got a $%^#$ rug.

After a little more than three months living in my Brooklyn apartment, it has arrived.

Thanks to Cyber Monday, I now have…a living room rug!

I recognize that this isn’t newsworthy to anyone but me (and perhaps my downstairs neighbor).

I’m far too lazy (and a little sick) to take a nice photo of the new rug with my real camera, but that’s it in the distance, looking like a vast navy ocean. I like the way it looks against my off-white couch.

The rug search stress was one part money stress (rugs, so expensive!) and one part “what coordinates well with my clearance sale Crate & Barrel rainbow runner??”

You can’t see the subtle gradations in the new rug but they’re there. In the middle, the rug dips to a slightly faded denim from the navy of the ends.

It’s a good thing I love it. Why? I can’t really fathom return-shipping the packed up rug which weighed 72 pounds (!!) according to UPS.

Next up? My new dining table and chairs arrive in a few days…and I haven’t yet unloaded my existing table. Oops.

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