The world’s worst bar name?

I spotted this not-gem in downtown Scranton. What’s especially awkward if you’re me – who turns into a major prude around my parents – and you have dinner at the restaurant across the street.

What’s the worst bar name you’ve ever seen?

3 thoughts on “The world’s worst bar name?

  1. G-LO

    That’s hilarious! We almost called the blog “The Whisk(e)y Dicks” but decided against it. And it’s a good thing we did, cause that name would be far too limiting. 🙂

  2. girlseule

    Ahhhhh man I’m not sure if that’s the worlds worst or one of the best! I’m not sure about Bar Names but there used to be a liquor store in Sydney called Lick-Her Store. Classy!


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