Scranton scenes. Oh yeah.

For those of you who enjoy #scrantontweets, I give you #scrantonscenes.

Did you know that Scranton is The Electric City? If you watch The Office, yeah, you probably did.

This sign has been there for ages. I took a picture for you, but it would have been more impressive at night. Sorry.


This is the Courthouse. It’s quite attractive, I think.

Some of NEPA’s more passionate folks even started an Occupy Scranton movement. It was, well, small.


I’d rather occupy some Old Forge style pizza. Even if these fine establishments tend to abuse apostrophes.


In other news, my father got a new metal detector for Christmas. Obviously this was not a surprise. He picked it out, ordered it online and Mom paid.

It came complete with earphones. And a hat. Dad agreed to model.


It also came with a card. Dad did the ordering, and the card customization.

When Christmas was over, Mom and Dad were kind enough to drive me and my loot back to NYC.¬†We had a very fine, somewhat boozy lunch at Pellegrino’s. The booze was needed after the stressful parking experience.

Mom photobombed atomically.

And then they went back to Scranton, and I resumed being the goofily happy girl in Brooklyn. The end.

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