Battle of the Bearded Beanies

Update: Beard product proliferation on Etsy, complete.

In December, I read about in InStyle’s gift guide. I knew I was too late for Christmas but thought one of the kid-sized hats would make a terrific gift for a kiddo I know who is experiencing his first cold winter. I’ll be giving him one of these soon:

Via BurlyBeardCo sent a newsletter recently touting Beardo as the “only bearded beanie.” It’s not true (and I prefer the BurlyBeard style), but as the saying goes, your mileage may vary.

Other options:

4 thoughts on “Battle of the Bearded Beanies

  1. BurlyBeard

    Thanks for the support! We feel that we have the highest quality version on the market. Our hats and beards are 100% hand made. No machines! Our competitors hats typically are those cheap feeling beanies that you can tell were one big sheet of knitted fabric that was sewn up the back and on the top. They have uncomfortable, ugly seams all over them. Our’s are seamless, and infinitely more comfortable! Our beards don’t have the boring flat look like our competitors. Ours are big and full and chunky, just like a real beard! Keep spreading the word!


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