My NYC To Do List – Item #2: Eat at Traif

A lot of my To Do list is focused eating my way through my new neighborhood. One such place, cheekily called Traif, is dedicated to all things porcine, and lots of shellfish all in a neighborhood with a large Jewish population.

But then…Oops!, I ate at Traif before I could post about it. Can I still count it as a To Do List post?

Hey, it’s my blog. I can do what I want.

And Traif was amazing. And reasonably priced. And hot thanks to the open kitchen in the small kitchen. But still amazing.

Highlights included bacon-wrapped blue cheese-stuffed dates served atop wilted greens. Not a dish that broke new ground, no, but delicious just the same. So were BBQ short rib sliders with sweet potato fries. Perfectly executed.

Save room for dessert. We had two: bacon doughnuts with ice cream and a butter rum budino that I’ll be thinking of for days, or at least until a return visit. Expect that to happen sooner rather than later.

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