I went to Sacramento. And San Francisco.

I went to California again. For work (again). First I caught Linsanity in Sacramento.

My luggage avoided joining this art installation by baggage claim. That’s a relief!

After some biz-ness, I drove to San Francisco perhaps the only U.S. city more expensive than NYC.

The hills freak me out to some extent. This one is steeper than the picture indicates. Trust me, ok?

But at least I didn’t have to worry about MSG.
My very nice, very expensive hotel gave me ear plugs, but not a sleep mask.
I think they spent all of the money on signs.
It’s possible that other hotel guests were more fun than me.
I checked out the architecture.
Alas I didn’t get a chance to eat at the non-truck food truck.
And I drove to Marin County for a meeting and caught this terrific view. Ahem.
And eventually, I got to go home to NYC after nearly three weeks on the road. Guess who’s happy?

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