I had big hair

…and for quite a while.

Presented for your entertainment:

I’m the brunette wearing the herringbone chain.

Even with an updo, I managed to have big hair.

Big hair was what cheerleaders did in the Scranton area, ok?

I accessorized my big hair with a Christmas sweater…

…and a prom dress and dyed-to-match shoes. Note: that wasn’t my prom date which explains why we don’t match.

We matched.

I took my big hair and my herringbone to LA to look at colleges…

…and skiing in Vermont,

And to the Jersey Shore for Senior Week. Who knew big hair could be so versatile?

What look from your past do you regret?

10 thoughts on “I had big hair

  1. Life Insurance Girl

    I had big hair. Too. And I can identify with every one of these pictures. Flashback, flashback, flashback. Thanks for the memories 🙂


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