These days

In the past seven days, I have:

Twisted my left ankle, hitting the deck – actually N 4th Street in Brooklyn – landing on my right, previously broken wrist.

Note: this is an old x-ray. I’m skipping the doctor this time.


Secured a fancy new phone for free only to realize it’s functioning at ~75% capacity (chiefly my work email isn’t loading properly. Oh that!) and has a battery life of approximately 24 minutes.


Locked myself out of my apartment, and then a few days later, thrown my keys down the trash chute. Yes, I washed my keys post-retrieval, thinking of gifts for my lovely superintendant all the while.


Told @hilarityinshoes that warm weather be damned, it was too soon for bare legs at work. And then I broke my own rule. I looked like the Before image, but maybe worse.


Lest this sound like a completely whiny post, let me close by saying that my work projects are interesting and I’m doing a decent job crossing things off my NYC To Do List. OK?

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