We were young

This is a selfish post from a single woman longing for a vacation who wishes more of her friends were available for fun.

It used to be pretty easy to organize a getaway with girlfriends. The biggest challenges were cost and scheduling time away from work. The former came into play more than the latter – in our twenties, none of us were “indispensable” at work – at least yet.

In 2002, I went to Grand Cayman with two girlfriends who didn’t know each other, but trusted me when I said “you’ll be compatible.” They were. We had a fabulous time in a beautiful place.

We weren’t too self-conscious yet about doing silly poses on the beach, or asking strangers to take our pictures. We didn’t think that we were hot stuff honestly, but looking back, I think we had something.

We made friends easily and had adventures.

3 thoughts on “We were young

  1. mollytopia

    Right? I gave up trying to plan vacations with friends in 2000. Everyone got married and then started having babies and stuff. I’ll pick up that notion again when our children are out of the house. Those are great pics – I love the beach. Any beach : )


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