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I went to San Antonio. And Dallas too.

Deep in the Heart

I had a giggle

Nice shopping bags, boys

Everything is bigger in Texas

Texas sized portions. That's an appetizer!

Even the anchorwoman’s prints


The Bad Miss Bennet

When I read about this upcoming book, The Bad Miss Bennet by Jean Burnett, my first thought was “ooh, I might read that!”

My second thought was a question: is this the ultimate fan fiction? You, see the Bennet in question is Lydia and this book strives to tell her story after eloping with that handsome devil Wickham.

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I went to a baby shower. The mother-to-be is becoming a single mom by choice.

This onesie was mixed into a pre-arranged gift basket.

The mom-to-be thought it was hilarious, fortunately. She cracked a joke about the sperm donor, whoever he may be.  Your friends might not be so understanding so proceed with caution. Continue reading

Wondering “what is the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?”

The 2011 WHCD (or “nerd prom” as it’s known colloquially) came soon after President Obama released his birth certificate. As a result, the liberal-heavy crowd went wild for his opening line “my fellow Americans.”

The video is long at just under 19 minutes, however it’s full of laughs and very much worth watching. The President gets in some jabs at Fox News but also pokes fun at himself.

In 2012, the host is Jimmy Kimmel who, I think, will be great. Continue reading

This is an elevator

This is one of two freight elevators in my former office building. The other one is your garden variety freight elevator. I have no way to explain the continued existence of this 70s gem.

As noticeable as the stripes are, what makes the elevator especially groovy are the rounded corners.