The bellydancer

Last Friday, after seeing Sleep No More (more on that later), I was invited to crash a party.

Does that make sense? We were definitely crashers because we didn’t know the birthday guy, but it was clear no one minded.

It was a Turkish birthday party. This means a few things.

First, the food was awesome, including the enormous birthday cake and curiously strong “Turkish martinis” that we swore were just Cosmos but which subsequently kicked our a$$es.

Second, as women, we were treated really, really well. Served first, refilled first, etc.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, there was a belly dancer. She was awesome. Yes, those candles on her head were lit.

Don’t worry – the on-the-giant-table part came after we finished eating.

Turkish custom seems to call for the men to fire off stacks of one dollar bills at the dancer like an out of control bill counting machine.

With the dancer’s encouragement, we danced with her, quickly realizing what a great workout belly dancing is. I turned to Yelp subsequently. Maybe I have a new career in my future.

(No, I don’t.)

1 thought on “The bellydancer

  1. Charity

    Candles on her head? That is serious coordination. I’d trip, bang my candled up head on a table, and really get the party started. Serious flame action would be happening, like Mrs. O’Leary in the shed, but I’d be the cow that tipped over the lantern that was the lantern…that made more sense in my head.


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