What do I miss about DC?

Seven-ish months after my move back to NYC, I am often asked

“Do you miss DC?”

Inside the US Capitol

My answer is…well, um, no.

I got what I wanted. I am home again here in New York. It’s all I had hoped for.

View from the Williamsburg Bridge

But there are a few things I miss about my life in DC. These be them.

Slushito at Estadio

I miss some of my old hangouts including (but definitely not limited to) Estadio, Matchbox, Palena, Chinatown Coffee Company, Politics & Prose, Dino, Indique, Proof and The Passenger.

I really miss my garbage disposal. Yes, I’m serious. They were illegal in NYC for a long time and even now, they’re not found in most apartments, particularly rentals.


I don’t miss driving – at all. Or traffic. Commuting to the suburbs daily for work? Nope.

I don’t miss malls.

Mostly, I miss my friends. I had great friends in DC. Have.

I have great friends in DC.

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