Happy, um, Easter. Or something.

Easter is a strange holiday, no?

(not me)

A resurrection (!!) plus a giant rabbit whose tie to Easter festivities is a holdover from pagan times carrying candy nestled in plastic floss. Nothing strange about these things at all.



As a kid, my Easter basket usually contained jelly beans, foil wrapped chocolate eggs and one of these.

From a young age, I thought this item was very strange. But I definitely ate it. White chocolate is my favorite, whatever the shape. My pragmatism was apparent to all since I was very little.

Easter is awkward for me. It’s the most serious of Christian holidays and you know by now that I don’t participate in that–I’m agnostic. I’m also outspoken, perhaps too outspoken.

When I was a college student, I would sometimes go to church for Easter with my mother out of a sense of obligation. I never knew if my dad would get up and go with her, and I hated the idea of her going alone. But one year I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was not, and am not, a believer and it really bothered me to sit there passively faking it.

The damn lilies and their affect on my allergies were also a factor. I’m serious. Lily pollen is the devil.

I have chosen to avoid the whole thing this year. My father’s birthday is next weekend so I can visit my family guilt-free then.

If I’m really lucky, there might be a white chocolate bunny still waiting for me.

(Yes, this means #scrantontweets ahead!)

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