My NYC To Do List – Item #8: Check out the High Line

From afar, I heard the news. The High Line! The redevelopment of derelict space in a city that doesn’t have much room to spare.

Cool, right?

Photo by Rick Darke

I didn’t make a point of checking it out during visits to NYC from DC. “Pressed for time” and all of that.

But then I moved back to New York, and still haven’t seen the High Line.

At first, I blamed the heat. And business travel. And then winter — in spite of mild temperatures and an utter lack of snow.

Stargazing by Karen Blumberg

It’s now April and I have been living in New York for EIGHT! WHOLE! MONTHS! My lack of High Line experience must be rectified. I’m giving myself until the end of May (based on another tough stretch of business travel starting soon).

If I don’t visit the High Line by May 31, I will be punished and you, dear readers, will get to come up with an appropriate kind of public shaming, ok?

2 thoughts on “My NYC To Do List – Item #8: Check out the High Line

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