Mom’s bucket list

I had no idea my mother had a bucket list. So often, I think of her as pragmatic, someone with no time for things that aren’t Real and Concrete. Mom never seems to ruminate on What Might Have Been.

Mom - September 25, 1966

But then she started talking about what she would do had she won the Mega Millions jackpot. Isn’t that everyone’s favorite game?

First, she said she would have bought an apartment in New York. A pied a terre for her and my dad. I think she would also let me live there. But her perfect location is 75th Street and Fifth Avenue.

She have confused herself with Jackie Kennedy at this point.

Mom also revealed then that she would buy a fire truck for the sole purpose of driving it once. This revelation left me scratching my head. I didn’t think she liked driving my father’s SUV so a fire truck?

Yep. Apparently she has wanted to do so since she was a girl. Mom said that if she won the lottery, she’d drive it once, take pictures and then donate the truck to our small borough’s volunteer-driven fire company.

Given that her best friend’s husband was a career firefighter, I’m amazed the Petite Blonde Powerhouse wasn’t able to persuade him to let her drive around an untrafficked Scranton block just once. My mother has convinced people to do far trickier things in her very interesting life.

What’s on your bucket list that your friends would find surprising?

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