Fifty Shades of ubiquity

When I wrote the post “Fifty Shades of intense publicity” in March, I had no idea what lay ahead.

Fifty Shades in the airport

In the airport

The book is everywhere, prominently displayed in stores and covered by seemingly every major media outlet.

Et tu, 20/20?

During my business travel through Texas this week, I made a point of snapping a pic each time I saw Fifty Shades in airport stores. But then it was too many pictures and the displays all looked the same.

Another airport

I wonder if the writer of “Between Shades of Gray” is receiving an uptick in sales due to Gray/Grey confusion.

Part of the Time 100

I’m happy for E.L. James. Succeeding beyond one’s wildest dreams.

Fifty Shades is everywhere

The whole thing, though, is so very strange.

Yet another airport

I just hope my mother somehow remains oblivious about Fifty Shades, and never ever asks me if I have read it.

1 thought on “Fifty Shades of ubiquity

  1. H.I.J. Freesia

    Just started reading the book and it’s quite interesting (some content reminds of Pretty Woman) ….but quite interesting. Some women in my circle don’t event know half of what it means, it has to enlighten them…wow borring marriages out there…no wonder men wander!


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