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Champagne bath

A TriBeCa bathhouse/spa is now offering baths in Champagne or red wine for wealthy folks who like to play with their food and drink.


TRIBECA — Now the champagne set can literally swim in bubbly.

A luxurious new bathhouse has popped up in TriBeCa — with elite amenities that include a $450 per person VIP package with a dip in a champagne-filled bathtub.

Aire Ancient Baths, which has built a devoted following in Spain, unveiled its first American location this week: a 16,000-square-foot spa inside a restored 19th-century building at 88 Franklin St., with six pools, a steam room and massage suites.

Spa packages start at $75 for a 75-minute bath, while a VIP suite is expected to open in the next few weeks, offering clients a chance to purchase a 3 1/2 hour spa package including a bath in a tub infused with olive oil, red wine or champagne at a cost of $450 per person.


Beyond the waste, bathing in Champagne sounds sticky.

The idea of bathing in bubbly doesn’t appeal to me. I’d much rather drink it. Am I in the minority?


Buy this for me

I would like a hot pink egg chair. Would you buy it for me if I said PLEASE?

Via Hume Modern

I didn’t think so. But look at what this chair does to a room.

Via British Vogue

I love pink. Here’s the Pinterest evidence.

Now excuse my while I go sell plasma to raise money for my chair.

“Naked Came the Stranger”

While reading Time Magazine, I came across this obituary.

He wanted to prove a point about bad taste, and he did it very well. Though Newsday columnist Mike McGrady, who died May 13 at 78, won an Overseas Press Club award for his dispatches from Vietnam, he will always be remembered too as the orchestrator of the 1969 literary hoax Naked Came the Stranger. A cringe-inducing naughty-housewife novel “by Penelope Ashe,” it was actually the work of McGrady and his newsroom buddies. Meant as a parody of trashy best sellers, it quickly became one. “Some of the chapters were much too good,” a bemused McGrady told Time after the truth came out. “I had to work like hell to make them bad enough to use.”

Sound familiar?

The cover art is fabulous.

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Bachelorette airs tonight

What will Emily subject her dates to and her suitors do tonight? We have already seen her use grocery shopping as a date, and had Muppets involved. Perhaps the whole crew will visit Sesame Place!

These are some of the tweeters I can’t watch Bachelorette without:

Dana aka @Possessionista is not just hilarious, but also helpful. She finds out what Emily is wearing so that if we like it, we can go buy it ourselves.


Of course I follow @AshleySpivey. Sweet Southern gal that she is, Ashley manages to get some snark into her tweets without being mean. That’s a delicate balance. Her blog is fun too.

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I love this face

Look at this face.

A friend from college days, is an angel for animals. People too; animals just tend to be extra lucky to meet Erin.

Erin found this dog, who she’s calling Tasha about a month ago, running around the Pigtown part of Baltimore. Tasha is back to good health and looking for a family to join. Erin already has two dogs that call her house home. Tasha needs her own place. If I were not allergic, I would be tempted.

More info:

Tasha is looking for a home! Found about a month ago as a stray in Pigtown (Baltimore, MD), was not claimed by anyone, so I’m trying to adopt her out. She is likely a German shepherd mix of some kind (I think there’s some yellow lab in there, maybe also corgi? Who knows!), about 2 years old, 50 or so lbs., spayed and UTD on shots, heartworm negative, and microchipped.

She gets along OK with cats who will stand up to her (although needs to be introduced slowly), but seems picky about her canine friends, so probably should be an only dog (at least until someone has a chance to work with getting her better socialized to other dogs). She is VERY people friendly, loves to cuddle and give kisses, loves to ride in the car. Is generally pretty mellow in the house, not a super high-energy dog.

She is OK with being kept in a crate, although does whine for a few minutes when left alone, so would do well with a frozen Kong or some other kind of yummy treat to occupy her. Housebreaking is not 100% yet, but close, and the crate helps immensely with that. She walks nicely on a leash — will pull a bit, but does better with an anti-pull harness. If anyone is even interested in fostering her until she can find a permanent home, that would be a big help! If you’re interested, you can message me via Facebook or email at

Although a home in the Baltimore or Washington, DC area would be great, my friend has set up successful pet hand off relays before.

Will you help me spread the word?