The return of…catalogs?

Lately I have been getting all sorts of catalogs in ye olde first class mail. Paper catalogs. How quaint.

Suddenly, it’s like we’re back in 1991 and no one has yet heard of the green movement.

A few make sense. I bought a rug from Home Decorators Collection. The company seems a little old school (my rug rocks though!). I’m opting out.

I mentioned JC Penney’s inexpensive hosiery in a blog post, but I haven’t been in an actual store. They probably bought a customer list. I’m opting out.

Crate and Barrel and little sister CB2 both send me catalogs which makes sense: I have bought a lot of furniture and home accessories from both. The layouts and styling are much easier to view in catalog form so I’m not opting out. But I feel a bit guilty about the paper used and the energy wasted — even if I am keeping the US Postal Service in business for an extra day or two.

Finally, Athleta.The brand doesn’t have many “bricks and mortar” stores the way Gap and Banana Republic do, but that hasn’t stopped me from spending. Athleta’s catalog is beautifully styled, full of attractive fit women but I think I can get by with just the website. I’m opting out.

How do you feel about catalogs? Do they influence where you spend money?

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