Anti-internet rally, no women allowed

This is wild. Via HuffingtonPost:

Ultra-Orthodox Jews To Hold Huge Rally Against The Internet At Citi Field

Its the hottest ticket in town. Originally available for $10, tickets to the ultra-Orthodox “anti-Internet” rally on May 20 at the 40,000-seat Citi Field in New York City are sold out. For those who simply have to be there, there are tickets online at ebay selling for three times the original amount.

When Citi Field sold out, Arthur Ashe Stadium was selected as a spill-over site.

Buses are available in my neighborhood (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) to the two host sites in Queens. But women aren’t invited to participate. First of all, men and women don’t mix that way. And really, who would watch the children?

Rallying against the evil internet? Hm.

I do wonder, though, what happened if I somehow secured a ticket and showed up.



3 thoughts on “Anti-internet rally, no women allowed

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