Bachelorette airs tonight

What will Emily subject her dates to and her suitors do tonight? We have already seen her use grocery shopping as a date, and had Muppets involved. Perhaps the whole crew will visit Sesame Place!

These are some of the tweeters I can’t watch Bachelorette without:

Dana aka @Possessionista is not just hilarious, but also helpful. She finds out what Emily is wearing so that if we like it, we can go buy it ourselves.


Of course I follow @AshleySpivey. Sweet Southern gal that she is, Ashley manages to get some snark into her tweets without being mean. That’s a delicate balance. Her blog is fun too.

Also follow:

Who are your favorite people to tweet with during Bachelor and Bachelorette? Please let me know in the Comments section so I can follow too.

2 thoughts on “Bachelorette airs tonight

  1. Arjun Chandrasekhar

    how could you forget the incomparable chris harrison?!?! (@chrisbharrison). i also love ashley elgin (@bachelorexpert), @washingtina, and abby gardner (@abbygardner). i also like @brittbillmaier on the west coast swing


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