My NYC To Do List – update

Like a good [former] Girl Scout I have been working hard to tackle my NYC To Do List. For instance, I did this, and this, and this.

Traif for brunch

I liked Item #2 (Traif) so much I have gone more than once.

Two of my To Do List experiences have left me feeling “is that all there is?” unfortunately.

First it was Sleep No More, an undeniably cool interactive theater experience. I love the concept still, but question the price and the point. I left wanting a more personal experience even though I was pulled from the crowd to dance with the dashing barman. I also left thinking at least one free drink could have been thrown in for the price of admission. Instead I paid $15 for a small, decidedly average Manhattan.

Maybe it was the nudity I paid for. Or the mask, which I kept even though it made my face one giant oil slick.

Then it was the High Line. My first mistake was going with two friends on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. The High Line morphed into The Land of Slow-Walking Senior Citizen International Tourists. It was still a nice experience, but between the crowd and the extreme humidity, I giggled when I overheard one guy say to his father “essentially we walk in a line.” He was correct.

Still, I had a nice time chatting with two friends (below).

What should I add to my NYC To Do List? Leave your ideas in the comments.

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