What I did NOT do this weekend

Because of my injury and a cold, I didn’t do anything I had planned for the weekend.

Sadly the list of what I DIDN’T do is much more interesting than what I did.

Things I did not do this weekend:

  • See Snow White and the Huntsman. It seems everyone else did. I hope to go one night this week.
  • Attend the BBQ Battle. I get sad-hungry just thinking about it.
  • Drink my way through Bed-Stuy. Check out the pics of those who did.
  • Check out Governor’s Island. It’s my friend @markcwebster‘s new favorite thing.
  • Help thirteen people escape a burning building in my neighborhood.
  • Drink cocktails in honor of the Queen’s Jubilee. I don’t have any time for the monarchy.

What I did do this weekend:

  • Let my darling friend play taxi. She took me to dinner at La Superior Saturday and for a manicure Sunday.
  • Continued reading this amazing book.

  • Browsed shoes like this which are apparently my present, not just my future.
  • Ate frosting by the pound from Georgetown Cupcakes (now open in NYC) in spite of knowing I can’t do much of anything at the gym.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about you: what did you do this weekend?

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