The evil Crate and Barrel Dubois mirror

I coveted a set of these Crate & Barrel mirrors for ages. Based on the price and my desire to buy at least three, I hunted high and low for a cheaper substitute to no avail.


Eventually I bought three, thinking I’d trade up to six or even nine over time.


When I got them home and opened the boxes, I was shocked to see that two of the three had just holes for hanging whereas the third had what appeared to be half of a hanging contraption.


Crate and Barrel’s vendors appear to take the whole quirky artisan thing to heart.

After returning one of the three mirrors to at least start with three somewhat alike mirrors, I bought picture wire and attempted to thread it through the holes. It was an exercise in futility. Plus, I realized there would be no way to hide the wire based on placement of the holes.


I did lots of head scratching and ultimately turned to Google. Unfortunately I didn’t find tips or tricks; only validation that my experience was the norm.

I dove in, buying several varieties of picture hangers plus various sizes of nails. Alas, most picture hangers you’ll find at the hardware store just don’t suit these mirrors. Two of my three are hanging in my living room and both refuse my entreaties to hang flush with the wall.

Oh, and because the mirrors are inconsistent with regard to size too, hanging them in a perfect line is pretty much Not Going To Happen.

My broken spirit refused to try to hang the third this weekend. It stares at me from my living room rug.


I wonder if I would have bought the mirrors had I known how hard they are to hang. Probably – I’m stubborn. But let me save you the trouble:

Find another mirror. Just trust me.

Try harder than I did to fall in love with another mirror.

If you’re really stubborn, keep an eye on CraigsList Brooklyn for when I give up and sell my mirrors for a loss.

11 thoughts on “The evil Crate and Barrel Dubois mirror

  1. Nicole

    Some framers suggest building up hot glue dots on the back of the mirror/picture near the corners that touch the wall to make the pictures stick out from the wall evenly all around… probably would help you out! just put them inward so you cant see from the sides. Hope it helps you 🙂

  2. jason biggs

    Bought these and used command picture hanging strips (16 lb large size) to hand all four. Worked great. The only thing you will have to do is push in lip of the hanging hardware attached on the back of the mirror to help it hang more flush. Don’t stick the strips on the edges behind the mirror. It works better if you stick them to the smaller square behind the mirror that houses the middle portion of the mirror. Worked great. I would not even attempt to use the hardware the comes with the mirror.

    1. Kathleen Fong

      Jason.. is the hanging hardware you are referring to , the metal tab in the center of the mirror square ( raised ) on back?
      We are about to try your command strips. Did you only use one?

  3. Melinda Hathaway

    We agree 150% with the difficulty of hanging these. I have 6 of them We just moved so we just hung them today in the new house. Hell on earth!!! Just like others stated before, they’re all different sizes and not only are they different sizes but then on top of that you add the complexity of the hanging hooks on the back not installed evenly. We had to resort to heavy duty Velcro, string, painters tape. So ridiculous….and then 2 hours later find one fallen and broken. 2nd time that’s happened cuz one fell in the last house too and these are NOT CHEAP for being such cheap quality! Now that my rant is over, does anyone want to sell me one? For real! They don’t sell them anymore. And now I have 5 mirrors on the wall with one empty space. Sniff sniff. 2146412073


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