I’m hooked on shellac manicures. My nails always look good, if not great. When I am traveling a lot, shellac is a lifesaver.

These manicures last a good two weeks–if my nails didn’t grow so fast, the polish would easily last three. No chips.


But often people ask what my nails look like underneath the polish. Here’s a peek.


See? Not a mess. If I weren’t going to get a new shellac manicure after removing the shellac, one coat of even a sheer polish like Essie’s Mademoiselle would make my nails presentable.
It’s very important that you not pick off the polish, as tempting as that may be during boring meetings. That will mess them up.
Instead, take a cotton ball, soak it in acetone polish remover and apply it to your nail using a square of aluminum foil to keep it in place for ten minutes. This process will break the bond chemically instead of physically. Note: non-acetone polish remover won’t work.
After ten minutes, remove the foil and cotton ball. You should see pieces of polish hanging off in little sheets. Use an orange stick to gently remove whatever remains.
Of course, you can be lazy and have the nail salon do the removal for you. Mine quietly charges $10 though and given my bimonthly habit, it adds up. I usually do it myself.

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