I went to Los Angeles (again)

The trip looked a lot like my January visit in some ways, albeit with the addition of Das Boot.

I shared the best salad ever with a new client at Magnolia on Sunset: haricot verts, figs, gorgonzola. We sat outside where the people watching is best described as hilarious.

I stayed at the Andaz on Sunset, which I adore. Last time, I faced the Strip. This time, the Hollywood Hills.

When my meetings were over, I went to the roof to catch up on email…

And enjoyed a michelada. Caliente! The unattended children are lucky I didn’t sell them to a local taxidermist. I wanted to.

Das Boot wasn’t too much trouble at airport security until it was time to depart for home via LAX. Then it was very, very bad. I was made to miss my flight – only the third time in all of my traveling that I missed a flight. I’m still too angry to write my angry letter to the TSA.

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