I went to Chicago (in the summer for once)

Chicago in summer, even when it’s a little too hot, is gorgeous. All of my Chicago trips to date had been during winter so this visit was a revelation.

I need to spend more time in this wonderful city, to tour its parks and walk the shores of Lake Michigan.

Due to a booking snafu, I spent one night at the Hard Rock Chicago and one night at the Sutton Place Hotel. Two different hotels in two different neighborhoods. Both were lovely and my room at Sutton Place had two walls of windows, but the HRH’s modern decor made it the winner for me.

When one of my work days ended, I met up with two cool friends I wish I saw more often, Diandra and John Asbaty. They introduced me to the market outside Wheeler Mansion where we drank sangria and enjoyed a local band. We were joined by John and Diandra’s precious son Madden and Diandra’s dad Denny. His favorite word seems to be “happy.”

All of my Chicago trips have included great meals. This time, I had dinner at Acadia. John is a chef and the Asbatys love good food so I knew I was in great hands. This was just one part of our dinner.

I also had a Hemingway Daiquiri. If this drink is on a menu, I have to order it. So refreshing on a hot day.

2 thoughts on “I went to Chicago (in the summer for once)

  1. Hard Rock Hotel Chicago

    There’s nothing better than Chicago in the summertime! We’re so happy to know that you had an awesome experience in the Windy City, and we are thrilled that our musically-inspired hotel was to your liking. Thank you very much for rocking with us!


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