Things holding my attention right now

According to, the “Most Beautiful” person on Capitol Hill is a married, 25 year old Republican. Also, Michele Bachmann is #10, instantly leaving me shaking my head. I swear I can hear the entire city of Los Angeles laughing.

The word “obsessed.” I hate it. Overused. Say “I’m into” or “I love” or anything. Just not obsessed, ok?

There are presently 297 items related to Robert Pattinson for sale on Etsy, and 285 items for Kristen Stewart. This one is terrifying. Is this item (below) Rob or George Michael (or their scary offspring could two men reproduce)?

I may have nightmares about this, um, tribute to Kristen. HOLD ME!

I would like to go to this resort. This one would also work.

Today marked eight weeks since I broke my ankle. I’m at my wits’ end. Doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I’m hoping to be out of the boot but recognize that the recovery time for my injury is estimated at a minimum of eight to twelve weeks. Will you wish me luck?

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