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I’m never gonna dance again

To set the scene, have this song playing while you read my sad post.

The date was May 31. I broke my ankle. It was also the day when I last wore anything resembling cute shoes.

Since then, I have sported Das Boot, two different pairs of Chucks, one bright pink pair of Pumas and a sorry-looking pair of Bandolino flats which are barely hanging on.

Every few days, I duck into my closet and pull out shoes to try on. I do so hoping that my ankle will tolerate some stylistic improvement. I have at least one hundred pairs of shoes and boots, all of which stare at me every morning as I get ready for work.

At this point, even my comfy but vaguely geriatric Campers would be an upgrade.

“FINE,” I said to myself, “I’ll just buy awesome flats to get me through to boot season!”

But this is what offered me:

When I’m done sobbing and feeling mad, I plan to ask @possessionista for ideas.


My new wallet

Yep, it’s hot pink. And I love it.

My current wallet – boring black and falling apart – has a bad habit of letting all of my loyalty cards fall out of its stretched compartments at least weekly. It has made for lots of awkward scrambling on coffee shop floors.

This is not a sponsored post. I just love RueLaLa!

STFU. Please.

Does any fine jewelry designer have as much fun as Wendy Brandes? I don’t think so.

This one made me giggle.

©2012 John Muggenborg / muggphoto

Wendy’s design is available in both gold and silver.

Would you wear the STFU necklace? What pop culture expression would you like on a necklace?


One morning, I spotted this sign as I walked to my office.

I did a double take and then decided to go back to snap a photo.

A woman working in the salon saw me taking a pic and came out to try to entice me to get my hair done.

“Actually I was more curious about the complimentary scalp massage for men, but not women.”

She walked back into the salon muttering to an unseen coworker “stupid girl.”


Twitter spotlight: Shannon Kelly

Clearly I love my Canadian friends. Here’s another: Shannon Kelly aka @shankell.

Shannon blogs, works in social media, and aspires to be a sports broadcaster and professional golfer among other things. This woman has a LOT going on.

Let’s get to know her better.

OneChicklette: Your favorite qualities in a love interest

@shankell: Breathing 🙂 I think my favourite quality in a love interest is allowing me to shine. I use the reference of Jay-Z and Beyoncé often: he allows her to be the beautiful and successful woman she is. I think a couple that supports each other, wants the best for one another, and genuinely is their partners biggest cheerleader – that’s a relationship I want to be in. I also like tall men with great traps – I am a strange girl.

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