Cosmopolis (aka the time I was in the same room as Robert Pattinson)

Well, so were about 300 other people too, but STILL. It was cool.

I’m still not quite sure how it happened, but some friends and I ended up in the front row for the recent Cosmopolis Times Talk with David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson.

I’m also not sure why I look so tired in this pic…

We waited for what felt like a long time.

Photos are generally prohibited in the theater, however the security guards let us know we could snap a few during the introductions.

And then there they were.

I kind of made Rob look like an old man. Sorry, Rob.

I loved hearing more about the filmmaking process and seeing new clips.

On Friday we got to see the full film which I found weird and wonderful. I will definitely see it again. The cast is terrifically talented.

Have you seen Cosmopolis? What did you think?

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