Save Me, Autumn

We’re getting a little break from the heat here in NYC right now, but I know summer isn’t over. Still, I am dreaming of fall’s arrival.

I like sweaters, and love boots.

Hair that behaves is a treat.

I’m ready to cook cool weather-appropriate meals like short ribs and risotto.

I hate shiny noses, particularly when the shiniest is mine.

I want to spend Summer ’13 somewhere more temperate or at least in a place with access to a pool or an ocean. Someone tell me how to persuade my boss that this is a good idea.

2 thoughts on “Save Me, Autumn

  1. Charity

    Each summer I spend in this area makes me hate summer more and more. Best summers ever were when I lived in Wyoming. Might be hot but it didn’t feel unbearable…no humidity. And the nights were cool and lovely. This summer makes me think I need to move there or to Alaska. Can’t can’t can’t wait for fall. Scents, colors, crunch of leaves, apple crisp, and all that magic.

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