On lost love: Arc of Life and Love, Unbent by Treatment

I go to a terrific physical therapy place in Brooklyn. They treated my little neck issue, and now they treat lingering issues from breaking my ankle.

My ankle PT is in a passive phase: I lie down on a treatment table and have heat packs applied, sometimes with stim. I lie down while my main therapist Matt manipulates my foot and ankle, and massages muscles and tendons. I lie down while having my ankle iced.

We talk.

Matt and I talk about his new baby boy. I ask Jason about his salsa dancing adventures. Colin tells me about how he came to eat a largely vegan diet or about the matching tattoo he and his sister got after the sad death of her husband. Melvin Googles the weird fracture I suffered.

Tonight I was the last patient in the place, spending most of my time with Matt and Colin. When I got home, something made me Google Colin’s sister and the novel she had published last year.

I’ll never know why I didn’t go straight to Amazon, or why I didn’t just buy the book on my iPad. But instead, I found this article and video about love lost.

To be honest, I feel a little creepy posting this even though it’s a video that ran in the damn New York Times. It’s intensely personal, emotional and moving, to the extent that I feel like I’m prying almost.

But now that I have pried – or not – I hope you’ll watch the video so I’m not left here with my heart aching all by myself.

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