Ways I’m weird

I hate cucumbers. I don’t want them in my salad or in my cocktail. I definitely don’t want cucumbers in my ice water. Beyond the taste, I get heartburn just thinking about cucumbers.

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I like cake. I love ice cream. I loathe ice cream cake. It represents the best of neither.

I have never seen Star Wars. Or the original Footloose.

Star Wars was released in 1977, before I turned four years old so I can understand them not taking me to see it when released. But later? Someone please explain.

Footloose came out in 1984, a few months after I turned ten. The film was rated PG so I guess I can understand if they thought I was too young, but I was an avid dancer who loved music. Why didn’t my rebel godmother take me???

I have never owned nail clippers.

Maybe if my parents had, I wouldn’t have resorted to biting my nails. Huh, Mom??

Update: I have bought myself tiny nail clippers.

Mint chocolate anything is, to me, an abomination.

NO to mint Oreos, mint M&Ms and most definitely NO to mint chocolate ice cream.

I’m allergic to pink eyeshadow.

When I was a kid, no one read “Where The Wild Things Are” or “The Giving Tree” or “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to me. It’s like I was raised by wolves.

I have never played basketball. Not even one time. If you know what I do for a living, you understand how strange this is.

Harry Potter? Nope, I haven’t read any of the books or seen any of the films.

I like the smell of skunks. Growing up in small town Pennsylvania, I guess the scent reminds me of playing outdoors in the neighborhood.

I love the smell of chlorine. It reminds me of swimming. I started taking swimming lessons at the YMCA when I was just two years old because my mother didn’t want me to be afraid of the water. Fat chance.

I LOVE swimming. Just not in lakes. I hate lakes. Pools, oceans and seas for me only.

Let me know how you’re weird. Don’t leave me hanging.


I have never watched an entire James Bond film. Or a Dirty Harry movie.

I have also never seen any of the American Pie movies.

I can never have enough lemonade. When I was about twelve, I drank so much VeryFine that the lining of my mouth started shedding in big pieces. No, I didn’t stop drinking lemonade then–I just cut back. A little.

But I hate water with lemon.

30 thoughts on “Ways I’m weird

  1. 365 Things to Write About

    I have never seen the movie Titanic in its entirety…I also think mint and chocolate is one of the worst flavor combinations ever created…I have never eaten bologna.

    1. StylishGurl

      My list is short,
      I hate the smell of Beer ( I makes me sick actually)
      I hate Mayo, like I wont touch anything that it came in contact with hate.
      I love mustard and honey, I hate Honey Mustard ( opposite of JR lol).

  2. Kathleen

    My long, short list of quirks includes:
    -I will not eat meat off the bone. No ribs, no wings.
    -I will not go on a cruise. Ever.
    -I have never seen any Indiana Jones movie.
    -I have to sleep with a sound machine on.
    -I don’t love chocolate.
    -I don’t like sandwiches.


  3. Rey-Rey (@TheNoLookPass)

    1. I need noise to go to sleep. I blame that on having hamsters years ago. When they were silent, it scared me.
    2. I don’t drink coffee.
    3. It’s not that I never watched Star Wars but I never watched a movie fully other when I was forced to go watch Episode 1 with friends. The ironic thing is that if I were born a girl, I would’ve been named Leia.
    4. I don’t eat desserts unless it’s all chocolate. And even then I can only eat so much of it.
    5. I listen to boy bands (wait, everyone that knows me knows that).

  4. Tammy Gordon

    I’m weird in tons of ways. I also hate swimming in lakes or rivers (fear of snakes, gators from growing up in Florida), but oceans (sharks, rays, fish…) no problem.

    My most hated food as a kid was asparagus. I had only had it canned until a few years ago. Now, it’s one of my favorites. Fresh. Local. Grilled.

    I was voted Most Unique in high school. I’m not altogether certain that’s a compliment. But, the guy who was my counterpart looked like Robert Smith from The Cure and I thought that was the coolest.

    Fistbump to Kathleen: I also hate eating anything off the bone. Wings gross me out.

    When I was on a cruise (once) my friend asked me what I was thinking about. I replied, “rogue waves and terrorists”

    PS. Sweet bathing suit. I had the Wonder Woman underoos and LOVED em.

    1. onechicklette Post author

      Awesome across the board. I had those underoos and desperately wanted to wear them outside the house.

      I have never eaten a chicken wing. Bones plus ligaments, tendons and more. NO!

      You should add “Most Unique” to your twitter bio right now.

  5. Jenna Golden (@jigolden)

    1. I have never eaten at Five Guys, Chipotle, and I have never had a McDonalds hamburger.
    2. We didn’t get a microwave until I was in 5th grade, and we never had an answering machine. The phone just keeps ringing (STILL) if you call my parent’s house.
    3. I can’t eat white condiments such as mayo or sour cream. Totally makes me want to vomit.
    4. I don’t like eating a bowl of just one cereal. I have to mix cereals. My favorite combo is Crispix and Honey Nut Cheerios.
    5. I have never seen Casablanca, A Christmas Story, or One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest.

    Pretty sure there is so much more but this is all I can think of at the moment.

    1. onechicklette Post author

      I struggle to imagine life without Chipotle but the world can have Five Guys.

      Like you I mix cereals. Right now it’s Cinnamon Chex (got hooked when I though I had celiac disease) and raisin bran.

      I saw One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as a child somehow (excellent parenting) but like you, haven’t seen the others.

    2. taniaha

      We didn’t have a microwave until I went to college. I love to put yellow mustard on baked potatoes. The rice that sticks to the bottom of the pot is the best (it’s an Hispanic thing). Yellow rice is so much better with fresh lemon juice squeezed on it. Hot sauce is good on pizza. I would always rather have a fruit dessert than chocolate.

  6. RueClerGirl

    HATE water with lemon. It is a complete waste of both water and lemons.

    I’ve also never read HP books, not have I read the books.

    Hate coffee, beer, sushi and wine, thereby missing out on all things trendy right now.

    I love swimming and the smell of chlorine.

    I hate watching the last episode of TV series I love. It’s as if they don’t end if I don’t watch them.

    1. RueClerGirl

      Just thought of more weirdness: I hate lettuce and mayo on hamburgers. Those things should not be hot!!!

  7. Angi

    My oddities are wrapped up in perfectionist or combinations.
    1. I love all berries and fruit. But only if it’s perfect. Squishy grapes are the devils work.
    2. Please don’t put fruit on anything. I’ve cream can be considered but o my vanilla and even then only sometimes. Not sandwiches, not salads, not pizza (!!!).
    3. Harry Potter yes!!! But Lord of the Rings NO. And on principle I don’t care to now.
    There’s more, but you get the idea.

    1. Rueclergirl

      Also? Fruity salad dressings and nuts in non-nutty food. Fruits are fruit and salads are vegetables, never should the two mix. I don’t want to bite into banana bread or oatmeal, only to crack a tooth because some idiot thought it would be great to include walnuts.

  8. Deborah Ilene

    How much time do you have?
    1) I hate when my hands are wet. Therefore, I do not like touching cups that have condensation on them and I also keep my hands above water in pools.
    2) I refuse to set my alarm for a round number/time. I will set it for 6:57 before I set it for 7:00. Ever.
    3) I don’t like pizza, chocolate or peanut butter. Some rare times I crave it, but otherwise, no!
    4) I don’t know how to (though I am slowly learning) express my emotions to anyone.
    5) Certain phrases have been drilled into me in foreign languages. There are sentences I only ask in French, regardless of who I am speaking to. It’s accidental and habit at this point.
    6) I will order wraps and then empty the contents and eat it with a fork. I will not choose a salad instead.
    7) I eat ribs and chicken wings with a fork and knife. Always.
    8) I DVR Jeopardy!
    9) I’ve never taken the first pitch in softball, kickball, etc.
    10) I like the smell of new paint
    … that’s enough for now.

    For more random things about me that make me weird:

      1. Deborah Ilene

        I mean, I’ll put them in there if I am swimming, but once I’m just hanging out or standing around…they’re above the water line…and as dry as I can get them. You should imagine me in a hot tub, just sitting with my head and hands up.

  9. T. Dawn

    1- I can’t have hot things on my lap like a plate of food or a pizza I just picked up at the restaurant.
    2- I can’t not stand if only one hand is wet. I mean like if I get something on my hand and rinse it off, I have to wet the other hand too just because. I really can’t explain this one but it never gets better.
    3- If I take the time to hang clothes out, all clothes have to be hung the same way and face the same direction. I’ll seriously twitch if I find one that isn’t.

    …I could go on. I could probably find more strange things than “normal”.
    Great post and fun way to get to know you a bit.

  10. joeyfullystated

    I think this is my favorite post from you ever!
    Ice cream cake is so…not delicious like ice cream or cake!

    Loved the lemonade part.

    I am not a Harry Potter person. But I have two kids who ate it up, so I do know stuff about it. People always go on about how I don’t like Harry Potter stuff, and I am usually THE ONLY ONE!

  11. hollie

    I’ve never seen Star Wars or any of the Harry Potter movies either. I sort things like Skittles by color, but also into multiples of three. I have to have three reds. Two reds can go with one purple, in a pinch, but never with an orange or green. Milk freaks me out. I stopped drinking it as a baby, but have always been disgusted by it. It scares me a little. My son thinks it is endlessly hilarious that I make him pour his own milk because it freaks me out. I’m addicted to lip gloss. There are 14 currently in my purse, all relatively the same nude hue. I wake up in the middle of the night and have to put on lip gloss or chapstick before I can go back to sleep.

  12. taniaha

    We didn’t have a microwave until I went to college. I love to put yellow mustard on baked potatoes. The rice that sticks to the bottom of the pot is the best (it’s an Hispanic thing). Yellow rice is so much better with fresh lemon juice squeezed on it. Hot sauce is good on pizza. I would always rather have a fruit dessert than chocolate.

  13. gracemuchiri

    Lol. Am smiling so hard right now coz I can relate to some of these wierd obssessions….. The rice that sticks to the bottom of the pot is My Favorite! I have a way of hanging my clothes as well, and I sorta cringe if they’re hung any different from ‘my style’.
    I love the mixture of rice+ milk, and also spaghetti and eggs (wierd much? hehe)
    I love the smell of diesel, from a distance though

  14. LisaCasella

    I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life. Or hot tea. I’ve never seen any of the Rocky movies. I like peaches but not peach-flavored foods (thanks to a bad episode with Peach Schnapps when I was 19…remember Fuzzy Navels?) I will never swim in a lake, or even put my foot in the water. I won’t go to sleep in an unmade bed. I have to sleep with a blanket up to my neck, even in 90 degree weather. Hot flashes are going to be brutal for me. All my hangers have to be facing the same way in the closet.

    Your (weird) First Friend


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