I went to Dallas (again)

Dallas, the bullet point version:

The Palomar is a great place to stay. Sadly this walk-by was the extent of my pool time.

But my room came complete with a pet. Thanks, Kimpton!

Weight loss surgery ads are everywhere, particularly on highway-facing billboards and television.

I had the best manicure of my life at Hollywood Nails‘ Highland Park location. The decor is crazy over the top. Ignore it. I had some sort of top of the line manicure that included paraffin, a very competent massage, various lotions including one that smelled of cocoa and a period of having my arms wrapped mummy style.

Dallas has rapid transit. Somehow I never noticed that before in my many visits. Apparently 220,000 people use it daily but I’m somewhat skeptical.

And then it was time to leave for LA (again).

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