Bottega, I love you

While in Northern California, my friend C and I went to Bottega in Yountville for dinner. It had been on her ‘to try’ list for a while and I was happy to play along. C likes good food. I trust her implicitly.

Bottega didn’t disappoint.

Generous wine samples from a charming bartender. A very delicious condiment of olive oil, garlic, red pepper and parmesan for bread.

Burrata and heirloom tomato salad

Grilled short rib meatballs, Sicilian heirloom tomato sauce, coal roasted eggplant passata, cucumber, grapes, housemade ricotta

Rissoto special with green apples, goat cheese, arugula and confited pork belly

Red wheat tagliarini Bolognese veal, pork & porcini mushroom sugo, rosemary, parmigiano reggiano

Chocolate cake with sea salt, crème anglaise and toasted hazelnuts

Bottega, I think I love you.

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