Brazilian Blowout…Zero…Plus?

I used to get keratin treatments. First Coppola. Then Cadiveu. Then the big Kahuna, Brazilian Blowout. I don’t hate my curls; I just want to be the boss of them.

All of the treatments made my hair behave so much better. It wasn’t stick straight except immediately post-treatment, but that wasn’t what I was going for anyway. I wanted manageability.

Coppola was the most reasonably priced. But it required me to not rinse out the treatment for three days. I looked like a damn seal and beyond not washing it, I also couldn’t pull my hair into a ponytail for fear of getting a long-lasting crimp where the band rested.

Cadiveu was better, didn’t require me to go days without washing my hair and was also comparably inexpensive, but in the days after the treatment, I developed scabs all over my scalp. Yikes.

BBO had the strongest chemical feel (including fumes and scalp burning during the process) but probably also left my hair in the greatest shape. Still, it also left my face swollen and red, and my lips alarmingly hard…for weeks.

I soon learned that I’m allergic to formaldehyde so I can no longer use most keratin treatments.

My hair was challenging this hot, humid summer. Recently I asked my hair salon what they thought about the formaldehyde-free Brazilian Blowout Zero Plus. Instead of learning that it’s good, bad or otherwise, they offered to try out their newly received sample bottle on me for just the labor cost ($60).

The process was fine. Some fumes but nothing like BBO. I loved the way my hair looked and felt – ooh, shiny! Alas, when I washed it two days later, my hair was back to how it was pre-treatment.

My suggestion is that you not waste your money. The Brazilian Blowout Zero Plus is a big, fat zero.

6 thoughts on “Brazilian Blowout…Zero…Plus?

  1. scenebygina

    I got the BBO done in August. The stylist said it didn’t have formaldehyde but I’m sure it did. She had a special thing sucking the air above my hair to intake the fumes, so I know it had SOMETHING in it! I liked it. It didn’t burn or anything but it did *not* last 3-4 months like she said. Two months. My hair isn’t curly at all. But I started going gray at 19 so the gray hairs zapped all my curls away and left waves. The repeating dying of my hair has made it very dry. The BBO helped on that front. It was shiny. I doubt I’ll do it again. Maybe next summer. I can’t drop another $250 on my hair. (that prices included a root touch up of color.)

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  3. Steffanie (@sfeuer)

    Every few days I soak my hair in coconut oil (Trader Joe’s has the best prices) and it helps me better than the blowouts did. My curls are beyond unruly if I don’t do it. Even though my hair is short now, I still soak them or I get a nice short haired poof – which is dead sexy.

  4. Rosemary Martin

    Im trying to research the Brazilian Blowout Plus, and came across this post. I though I should add that the BBO Plus is intended for girls (like me) with limp/thin wavy hair that is frizzy and those whom have a ‘less challenging’ curl. If you have hard to manage, challenging curl, then yes the zero plus most likely wont do much for that type of hair. Its intended to make a difference in the frizz control of fine wavy hair, and supposedly will also add some volume.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!
    Rosemary Martin


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