Five things I want to do in DC

In two weeks, I will spend seven nights in Washington, DC, where I lived for ten years, for a combination of business and pleasure. These are some of the things on my to do list.

1. Revisit old favorite hangouts like Proof and Estadio and Dino and Chinatown Coffee Company and The Passenger and Taylor Gourmet and Palena and…wait. How many days do I have?

2. Check out Union Market especially Righteous Cheese and Salt & Sundry. How cool to see these female entrepreneurs pursue their dreams!

Photo via Righteous Cheese

Photo via Righteous Cheese

3. Meet some of the fine people I have connected with via Twitter including @floridagirlindc, @washingtina, @jigolden and more! I also very much need quality time with @candacearm.

4. Attend my friend’s baby shower. Yep, this friend whose bachelorette weekend we celebrated in Miami last January and whose wedding I posted about. She done got knocked up.

5. Jog around the monuments. Kidding. I didn’t do that when I lived in DC. Why would I do that now after all of this?

DC people, what am I missing? If one of your favorites opened in the year since I left, I’d love it if you told me about it in the comments.

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