I went to Toronto

Business travel used to take me to Toronto somewhat regularly. I loved it. When I switched jobs several years ago, though, my Toronto biz went away. Until now.

This trip, I stayed at Le Germain (Maple Leaf Square) and loved it. This guy kept me company.

I loved the pillow that looked like rocks and very much wanted to steal this chair.

The bathroom reminded me of one you’d find in Japan. Good hair dryer and you know I  feel about that.

I got to meet @TedraCat who is kickass. She chose an excellent restaurant for lunch, Wish. Charming space with delicious food. We were too busy enjoying for me to get dorky about taking pics.

I successfully rode Toronto’s subway with Tedracat’s coaching plus a loonie and a toonie. IOU!

I had a good business dinner at e11even which is annoying to type but otherwise cool. Our two desserts did not suck.

Then we went to Spin, the ping pong joint.

Who says business travel isn’t fun?

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